Senior School

Building on the foundation of the Upper School years, Pymble girls in Years 11 and 12 work collaboratively with College staff to achieve their desired goals. Our students are encouraged to develop their critical and creative thinking skills and knowledge inside the learning environment and beyond. Supported, guided and challenged by dedicated and passionate staff, Senior School students have a broad range of subjects to choose from in their HSC years.

The Senior School Centre – Kate Mason Building

The Senior School Centre – Kate Mason Building is a specialist educational facility purpose designed and built to address the unique requirements of senior students as they exercise their growing independence and responsibility. The Centre fosters a strong sense of community and connectedness whilst facilitating a dynamic learning environment by encouraging a diversity of learning opportunities.

The building incorporates flexible educational facilities including high visibility rooms for single and multiple classes, cutting-edge information technology, a 260-seat lecture theatre, a circular conference room equipped with high-definition video-conferencing facilities suitable for collaborative work and meetings, and space for students to study and connect with each other. Dedicated to the unique developmental and educational requirements of Years 11 and 12 students, the centre underlines Pymble’s reputation as a world leader in the education of girls and young women.


Year 11 students have a wide range of opportunities to develop their leadership potential through serving in various positions. These include the role of Subject Captains, Captains of various sporting and cultural teams, Chapel Captains, members of the Student Representative Council, Connect Group representatives and Monitresses.

In their final year at Pymble, all Year 12 students are looked upon as role models and leaders for the College. As the most senior girls in the College, there will be various opportunities to develop individual leadership and management skills. The Prefect body is composed of Year 12 students who have been elected by their peers and teachers, with each of the Prefect positions assigned a delegated portfolio. Year 12 students can also serve as Captains of various sporting and cultural teams, SRC and Connect Group representatives. There are also many opportunities for the students to lead a variety of committees in their final year at Pymble.

Student Wellbeing Program

The Senior School Student Wellbeing Program focuses primarily on developing resilience in individuals and enhancing self-awareness and self-assurance so that girls tackle challenges with maturity and confidence. Students will gain a greater sense of the importance of commitment, responsibility and self-reflection, understanding the notions of integrity and loyalty and how these may conflict. The  program maintains a strong focus on the importance of optimism and self-belief in order to prepare each girl to confidently and successfully take on the challenges of life beyond Pymble.

Careers Education

A primary goal at Pymble is to prepare and assist girls for their future study options and career education. A dedicated Tertiary Office ensures Pymble students are well prepared when making decisions on their chosen career pathway.

A popular destination for our Senior School students, the Tertiary Office provides students with up-to-date information on degree choices, interstate and international opportunities, scholarships, cadetships and a wide range of other options available to graduates.

In Year 12, students have a mandatory appointment with the Tertiary Advisor, with all students strongly encouraged to schedule repeat appointments as necessary. The office also offers a lunch time Guest Presenter Program, which provides students with regular access to insightful individuals from a wide range of tertiary interests.