Boarding Houses

Pymble has three boarding houses situated within the safety of the school grounds, accommodating up to 120 boarders, with boarding available from Year 7.

Marden House and Lang House were both opened in 1916 when the College took its first students, with Goodlet House built a decade later. In 2008 the three boarding houses were extensively updated and renovated to maintain them as high-quality boarding facilities. While the interiors were updated and renovated, the beautiful, historical facades of each of the boarding houses remain.

In addition to the student houses, Joan Hammond House, located between Marden and Lang House is unique in meeting the needs of boarding students and their families, along with the administrative needs of the staff. It is available for use as a meeting place, a work centre, a place for families to meet and a place to freshen up whilst they wait for their daughters and enjoy a cup of tea and a chat.

As Pymble may be the student’s home away from home for a number of years, the College makes each girl’s adjustment to boarding life a priority. Boarding staff help each girl settle in and feel comfortable as quickly as possible, and a family orientation weekend helps new boarders and their families acclimatise to life at Pymble.

A team of professional and dedicated boarding staff supports the College’s commitment to providing girls with opportunities for personal growth and assisting them as they move from dependence to independence.