Vision, Mission and Values

Pymble's Vision, Mission and Values

Our mission

As we look to 2020, our College mission remains the foundation for our plans. We remain committed to creating a personalised learning environment for each Pymble girl so she develops a passion for learning and scholarship, a strong assurance of her own worth, and the desire and values to contribute meaningfully to her local and global communities.

Our vision

We will continue to journey toward our vision of providing an education for our girls that is universally acknowledged for its outstanding quality and exceptional opportunities.

Our values

Five important values reflect our spirit, heritage and traditions, our Christian beliefs as a Uniting Church school, and our commitment to providing meaningful, personal learning experiences for every Pymble girl.


For self and concern for others sustain and enhance our social, physical and learning environment. We express care daily through considerate and compassionate attitudes and behaviour.


Through the attributes of fortitude, strength of character, resilience and determination, gives us the confidence to stand up for what is right, respond to the needs of others, and make a positive, purposeful contribution to the world around us.


As evidenced through sincerity, a commitment to the truth, and habits of sound judgment and ethical conduct. By adhering to high principles, we develop the moral framework fundamental to achieving great personal fulfilment and contributing to society.


Enables the richness and diversity of all backgrounds, cultures and abilities to be held in high regard. Through respect, we promote greater self-esteem in ourselves and others, and create a community where achievement, education, life balance and a love of learning are supported.


Encourages leadership and initiative, a spirit of service and commitment, and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the school community and, ultimately, society at large.