Student Wellbeing Program


The wellbeing of students is overseen by the Dean of Students and led by the Head of School and the Connect Team, formerly the Pastoral Care Team. In addition, all teachers are responsible for the health and wellbeing of each student.

There is a strong link between student learning and wellbeing and the College aims to authentically integrate wellbeing and each student’s academic program. We strive for a school wide approach to each student’s education where value is placed upon the growth and development of the spiritual, emotional, social, physical and academic domains. Experiencing positive relationships, gaining autonomy and creating a sense of purpose are each important components of wellbeing.

The College values a growth model of development and more specifically promotes the concept of self-actualisation. When students believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication there is a corresponding shift towards intrinsic motivation and productivity. Expressing creativity, engaging in the pursuit of knowledge, journeying towards spiritual enlightenment, developing emotional and social skills and the desire to contribute to society are key themes across the five Schools. The commitment to respond to challenges and to persevere teaches students the skills necessary to thrive during the more demanding periods in their lives.

A Pymble we strive to instill in students a sense of self-belief in times of success and, more importantly, in times of failure. Pymble encourages students to embrace a journey of growth in all aspects of their development.

The Student Wellbeing Program aims to encourage:

  • care and concern for the wellbeing of others: their rights, belongings, feelings and opinions
  • personal responsibility and self discipline for learning and conduct
  • respect for diversity and richness of backgrounds, cultures and abilities
  • a willingness to contribute positively to the College community
  • increasing independence as the students move through the Secondary School

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