Preparatory School

Pymble’s Preparatory School captures and extends the inquisitive nature of young children as they negotiate their learning journey in a safe and supportive environment. The purpose-built precinct is perfect for our youngest students from Kindergarten to Year 2, providing creative, engaging and visually exciting learning spaces that capture each girl’s interests.

With small class sizes and a commitment to knowing each student as a unique person, our Preparatory School encourages each girl to value themselves and others as they respond positively to being challenged in their learning and growing as individuals.

To ensure a firm foundation for future learning, girls participate daily in English and Mathematics lessons with additional support provided by our Learning Support team. Staff look to provide occasions for deep understanding and learning connections across all aspects of the curriculum – through an integrated approach and personalised investigative opportunities.

An extensive extra-curricular program is also available to our Preparatory girls, with activities including speech and drama, dance, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, chess and music.


The Preparatory School curriculum reflects the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies with strong integration across all key learning areas.

Our girls enjoy lessons in the following Key Learning Areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Creative and Practical Arts

Our class teachers work closely with the Preparatory School’s Learning Support Team to ensure sound literacy and numeracy skills are developed. Intensive support programs are offered before school and within class and grade groups in Literacy, Numeracy and English as an Additional Language. Additional extension and enrichment opportunities are an integral component of Pymble’s committed approach to personalising the learning for each girl.

Specialist teachers plan and implement programs in Physical Education, Performing Arts and Italian. Technology is integrated in all areas of learning to ensure innovative approaches and the continued exploration of new possibilities afforded by digital learning.

Student Wellbeing Program

The Student Wellbeing Program begins in Preparatory School, where girls across all year levels learn about settling in to College life, making friends, interacting co-operatively with others and living safely.

Specialist Facilities

The Preparatory School is a dedicated environment for Pymble’s youngest students. The design of the facilities encourages a variety of learning styles by providing a wide range of spatial and layout opportunities, suiting individual, small group or whole class activities. The school also features a dedicated library, music and drama hall, separate student cloakrooms and exclusive playgrounds. A major attraction for the students is the natural environment of the dry riverbed where students engage in creative play endeavours.

Out of School Hours Care

To assist families in managing their day-to-day commitments, Pymble offers exciting play-based Out of School Hours Care program.