Personalised education

Every Pymble girl is known and respected for her skills, abilities and character. She delights in her learning experience at Pymble because it reflects her unique strengths, interests and desires, and reinforces her wonder and joy as a global citizen. She is encouraged to move beyond what is known, uncovering along the way her own ability to question, discover, reflect and improve.

At Pymble, she is engaged and empowered to learn because she is at the centre of her learning. She grows in her ability to think ethically, creatively and critically, because her family and teachers are working together to help her understand who she is and who she can be. She relishes challenge. Encouraged to learn anywhere any time, she adopts an approach which enables her to realise her full potential.

As she journeys from dependence to independence during her school years, the values enshrined in her Pymble community will be hers. As she grows in wisdom, she will also grow in compassion, determined to make a difference in her local and global community.