Curriculum and Co-curricular Activities


Aboriginal Studies

The Aboriginal Studies course at Pymble develops in our students an appreciation of the unique value of Aboriginal peoples and their cultures to Australian identity. Our students gain knowledge of the contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal communities while developing recognition of the fundamental importance of land and spirituality to all Aboriginal peoples. Fundamentally, students will develop a strong understanding of the importance of autonomy and self-determination to the future of Aboriginal peoples within Australian society.


Agriculture is an interesting and captivating subject, balancing the importance of classroom learning with the enjoyment of outdoor experiments and excursions – an appealing subject area for any Pymble student. It is a subject that provides the foundations to a wide range of career paths, with the skills learnt by students applicable to many different aspects of life.

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Business Studies

Offered as an exclusive subject in Years 11 and 12 at Pymble, Business Studies provides students with a comprehensive understanding about the operation and management of businesses. The course focuses on areas and perspectives ranging from the planning of a small business to the broader roles of management, operations, finance, human resources and marketing.

One of the most exciting aspects of Business Studies at Pymble is Australia Business Week (ABW) for Year 10. As a part of the study of Commerce, the annual event allows girls to group together, and experience what it would be like to own and manage a fast-growing business for a week.

Classical Languages

At Pymble, students are offered the rare opportunity to study the world’s classical languages. Whether it’s Classical Greek or Latin, or perhaps both – students will gain a greater insight into the origins of the English language, Western Culture and modern-day institutions.

In learning a Classical language, students will develop skills in analytical thinking, attention to detail, systematic memorisation and clarity of expression – skills that can be applied in many different fields.

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Curricular Dance focuses on the study of dance as an art form, rather than learning just the technical qualities required to execute dance.

At Pymble, the study of Curricular Dance  has three focus areas. Performance looks at dance technique, safe dance practice and performance quality. In Composition, students explore the process of choreographing a dance work. Whilst the third focus area, Appreciation, provides girls with the opportunity to look at dance history and analysis of dance works.

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Drama is a key aspect of performing arts at Pymble. Benefitting from the outstanding Gillian Moore Centre for Performing Arts, students regularly have the opportunity to feature in major productions for the Pymble Drama Company and Pymble Drama Ensemble. These theatrical opportunities develop and enhance the skills of our students.

Each year, the Drama department stages four major productions, covering all year groups.

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Economics, Commerce and Financial Literacy


With discussion of economic issues dominating media and politics, the study of economics allows students to make informed judgements about issues and policies. It allows students to participate responsibly in economic, political or social decision-making.


Studying Commerce provides students with a solid framework to better understand the relationship between society’s major institutions – financial, legal, economic or business.

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The study of English at Pymble is underpinned by an approach that fosters reflective thinking and a growth mindset. Teaching and learning is personalised: learning opportunities are differentiated to cater to students’ needs, interests and abilities and students are afforded a range of choices within the curriculum. Opportunities for students to set personal learning targets based on regular feedback and reflection on their learning promote cognitive and creative risk-taking, experimentation and independence.

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Film at Pymble allows our students to engage in the process of film making, both through co-curricular and curricular avenues. Starting as early as Kindergarten and continuing through to Year 12, Pymble’s students have the opportunity to create a wide range of films.

With the College’s dedicated audio-visual facilities, students are able to equip themselves with the skills and experience needed for the professional film industry.

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Geography at Pymble prepares our girls for effective participation in society. Students learn to develop informed opinions on local and global issues, the changing environment and the future world of work. Available to students from Years 7 to 12, including the HSC, the course includes a range of geographical areas of interest. For instance, in Years 9 and 10, the course focuses upon natural and human environments under stress and their management and future.

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The study of History at Pymble gives students a sense of perspective while showing how the past has shaped the modern world. In the information age, History gives students the crucial grounding needed to critically assess and evaluate sources of information. Within students, the study of History builds a sense of social justice and the responsibilities of global citizenship.

At Pymble, History follows the Australian Curriculum approach of ‘Big History’. Students gain an understanding of the broad sweep of world history, with time allocated for the in-depth study of certain periods. The subject involves the study of World, Australian and Asian History – a strong foundation on which further History subjects rest.


The teaching and learning programs for Mathematics at Pymble are based on identifying the learning needs of individuals and cohorts. It is this responsiveness to student needs that has produced Pymble’s tradition of outstanding HSC and Stage 5 results.

The focus of teaching and learning Mathematics is to enhance levels of student engagement by applying an investigative approach to the subject. Our girls are taught how to become mathematicians rather than simply being able to do mathematics by traditional rote methods.

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Modern Languages

The study of languages offers students a rich and challenging experience whereby they can engage with and participate in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world. Through the study of modern languages, our students continue on their paths toward becoming global citizens. At Pymble, students enjoy the opportunity to study a range of modern languages, namely French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Italian.

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Music is an intensely personal and emotional force where each student will respond in their own unique way. At Pymble, all students have the opportunity to participate musically through a wide array of ensembles, experiences and activities that celebrate student enjoyment and expertise.

The three programs – Curricular, Co-curricular and Private Music Tuition – complement and support each other, providing our students with the maximum opportunity to expand and enrich their musical experiences.

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The study of Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) at Pymble provides students with opportunities to learn and practise ways of adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active lifestyle. Students explore issues that are likely to impact the health of themselves and others, now and in the future. These include physical activity, mental health, drug use, sexual health, nutrition, supportive relationships, personal safety, gender roles and discrimination.

At Pymble, PDHPE provides students with a wide range of movement experiences that are both challenging and enjoyable. These aim to improve students’ capacity to move with skill and confidence in a range of increasingly complex contexts and environments.

Religion & Ethics

As a school of the Uniting Church in Australia, Pymble Ladies’ College provides for the religion and ethics education of its students. It does this through a study of Christianity focusing on the person Jesus Christ, the importance of the Bible and God’s message of love and reconciliation. In line with the inclusive nature of the Uniting Church and its commitment to interfaith dialogue, Religion and Ethics also provides for the study and comparison of other faith traditions and philosophies.

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Science provides a distinctive view and way of thinking about the world around us. An ever-evolving area of study, Science allows students to better understand and explain a variety of phenomena, and enable sense to be made of the biological, physical and technological world.

At Pymble, Science between Years 7 to 10 is an integrated course, one that involves Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science. This course prepares students for more specialised offerings in Years 11 and 12.

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Technology and Applied Studies

Pymble’s Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) program provides students with the skills, knowledge and interest to successfully work and respond within a rapidly changing world. Areas of study within TAS include Technology, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Textiles and Design and Hospitality. Dressmaking and woodwork are offered as co-curricular courses.

Our students benefit from a range of outstanding specialist TAS facilities, including a commercial-standard kitchen that allows Pymble to offer a TAFE-accredited VET course in Hospitality.

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Visual Arts

With classes in photography, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, pottery, painting, digital media and many more, Pymble’s Visual Arts program consistently stimulates our students’ creativity. Taught within their Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12, girls have the opportunity to develop their technique, skills and an appreciation for art over many years.

Students have at their disposal an abundance of resources and support from a range of specialist Visual Arts staff.

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Pymble Ladies’ College believes in a balanced educational experience. In supporting the academic curriculum, the co-curricular activities program provides a platform on which students grow into healthy, capable and confident adults.

The wide range of programs allows students a pathway to develop their talent and skills in a safe, informative and friendly environment. Our activities are directed towards character development and unique learning opportunities for valuable life lessons and universal values – teamwork, self-discipline and hard work.

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Pymble sets the standard in girls’ school sporting prowess. Year after year, and in numerous sports, activities and age groups, Pymble students achieve truly outstanding results while conducting themselves with grace and fairness.

From fitness-training before school, to state and international-level competitions, Pymble’s sports and activities program offers something for every student.

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Community Service

Pymble students enjoy the experience of being part of a vibrant community, both within the school environment and beyond. They are encouraged to explore their gifts and contribute to the world around them in a positive way, whether through fundraising or volunteer work.

The College has always maintained its focus on community and social action, helping others when they need it most.

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Exchange and Overseas Tours

A vital aspect of nurturing the minds and imaginations of Pymble students is by providing them with opportunities to experience the world around them. Each year, girls are invited to participate in a variety of overseas tours and exchange opportunities that will allow them to encounter unique and often remote areas of the world.

Opportunities in recent years have included tours focusing upon music, community service, culture, sport, language and, of course, exchange programs.

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Pymble Elite Sportswomen’s Program

The Pymble Elite Sportswomen’s program was established in 2007 following the success of ex-Pymble student and dual-international athlete Ellyse Perry. Recognising the need to support students who compete at elite levels to meet academic demands, the program aims to identify, nurture, recognise and support Pymble students who have unique sporting talents as part of the philosophy of a “personalised education”.

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Pymble Musicians’ Program

The Pymble Musicians’ Program is a support, monitoring and mentoring program for music scholars and other identified musically gifted students, studying and performing on their instrument at a very high level.

Entry is by invitation or application. It assists student with time management and planning, possible release from some non-essential areas of study or lessons and provision of additional programs to suit the individual needs of the student.

Sokratis Program

Designed to enable our academically talented students to go beyond the conventional curriculum, the Pymble Sokratis’ Program is available annually to selected students between Years 8 to 10.

Working with an adult mentor, each student works beyond the curriculum in researching a topic of her own choice, before producing an original work inspired by her research. In recent years, these have included websites, digital presentations, short films, graphic novels, poetry and musical compositions.