Towards 2020

Imagining a school in six years’ time is no easy task.

When the school is Pymble – with its committed community, passionate staff and brilliant, engaged students – envisioning the future becomes a shared adventure in imagination.

Wanting to capture the limitless energy and ideas of our vast community, we threw open the doors to every possibility. We wanted the whole community – students past and present, right through to parents and Council members – to own and direct their future.

The result was a community consultation process that lasted 18 months and, through surveys, forums and extensive internal consultation, generated more than 8,000 individual elements of feedback.

Towards 2020 reflects worldwide shifts in learning environments and technology, and our desire to anticipate and lead these changes while we nurture every girl to her potential. It also builds on our past College strategic plans. Having delivered on all of our key goals, our sights are firmly on the future.

Together, we have begun a remarkable journey to 2020.

James Hunter Vicki L Waters
Chair of College Council Former Principal