Personalised Learning at Pymble

At Pymble, we provide rigorous learning experiences for students who are growing up in a rapidly changing world that demands innovative, agile and thriving contributors. Our students learn to engage with this world in ways that prepare them to be ‘future ready’. They work with their teachers within and beyond the classroom to become creative, critical and ethical thinkers. They are encouraged to understand themselves as powerful learners who can solve complex problems and generate new ideas, through the discipline of personal mastery as well as the capacity to collaborate productively with others. Pymble students learn to embrace challenge as a pathway to academic excellence.

Our Personalised Learning Framework sets out our approach to learning and supports teachers to design experiences that are responsive to the needs and interests of individual girls. We are committed to guiding each student to understand and learn at her particular point of challenge, and to celebrate the growth she achieves. Our framework places at its heart the learner attributes of passion, scholarship and self-assurance. Its intention is to foster young women who can delight in their successes and failures because these experiences contribute equally to ongoing learning.

Pymble staff are committed to continuous development as they pursue excellence in teaching and learning. They work collaboratively through an approach to professional learning that embeds improvement practices such as action research, critical reflection and innovative curriculum design into the rhythm of College life. They draw upon international research and work with visiting experts to deepen their understanding and application of evidence-based teaching for 21st century learning.

We invite you to further explore the Personalised Learning Framework at Pymble.