Modern Languages

The study of languages offers students a rich and challenging experience whereby they can engage with and participate in the linguistic and cultural diversity of our interconnected world. Through the study of modern languages, our students continue on their paths toward becoming global citizens. At Pymble, students enjoy the opportunity to study a range of modern languages, namely French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Italian. Supported by exceptional teaching staff, our girls are encouraged to pursue their chosen languages with great skill and confidence.

The learning in the classroom is supported by a range of cultural tours, exchanges and hosting opportunities.


French is one of the major languages in the world. It is spoken in parts of Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean and South Pacific regions. It is a language of international affairs, trade and diplomacy.

At Pymble, French is available between Years 7 and 12. With the aim to establish French as a strong means of communication, classes are conducted in French as much as possible. Class resources are attractive and accessible, catering for the taste and interests of teenagers through a wide array of authentic materials.

Each year our three sister schools in Lyon and Colmar welcome Pymble Year 10 students for a 6-week stay.


Germany is one of Australia’s largest single trading partners, underlining the importance of German both internationally and within Australia. It has long been recognised as a world language of music, culture and philosophy as well as a key language in the fields of science, medicine and technology.

German is available at Pymble between Years 7 and 12. The syllabus aims to motivate students to high levels of competence across reading, writing, listening and speaking. Ultimately, Pymble’s German students are able to communicate with German speakers in day-to-day situations. Topics of study are selected for their relevance to the experiences of teenagers and our students benefit from regular visits from exchange students – providing extra enrichment in the classroom.

Pymble Year 10 students are encouraged to participate in the exchange program at our sister school in Münster for 6 weeks.


The study of the Japanese language is of particular importance to Australians, both culturally and economically. Japan is one of Australia’s leading trading partners and there are significant cultural ties between Australia and Japan. Japanese has been identified as one of the priority languages in the Asia-Pacific region to be taught in Australian schools.

Japanese is available at Pymble between Years 7 and 12. The lively and colourful courses at Pymble encourage the students to communicate in Japanese, immersing them straight away in the Japanese writing systems and offering interesting activities to support and reinforce the language structures to be learned. Japanese culture plays an important role and is integrated within language learning.

Students are provided with many opportunities to interact with Japanese students and families, with a study tour to Japan arranged on a regular basis. There is also an opportunity to host an exchange student from Japan, with exchanges to our sister schools in Nagoya and Osaka very popular with Year 10 Pymble students.


Chinese is the language of communication of approximately one-quarter of the world’s population. It is also one of the fastest growing languages in New South Wales and it has been identified as a one of the priority languages in the Asia-Pacific region.

At Pymble, Chinese is currently available between Years 7 and 10 and will be offered to Years 11 and 12 students in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Students will gradually develop a confidence in using Mandarin as a means of communication in a range of contexts. With our sister schools in Beijing, students can occasionally share class work electronically and have face-to-face interaction whenever possible. Study trips to China are arranged regularly to include visits to our sister schools and to allow students to interact with Chinese students and their families.


Italian is one of the most industrially and economically advanced nations in the world and ranks among Australia’s top international trading partners. For centuries, Italy and the Italian language have been making distinctive contributions to politics, art, architecture, cuisine, music, film and theatre.

At Pymble, Italian is available as a beginners course in Years 11 and 12 only. Our students will develop their knowledge and understanding of Italian through communicative tasks across a range of themes and topics carefully selected to cater for the interests of young Australians. Study trips to Italy are arranged regularly to include Italian language lessons at Perugia University.