Science provides a distinctive view and way of thinking about the world around us. An ever-evolving area of study, Science allows students to better understand and explain a variety of phenomena, and enable sense to be made of the biological, physical and technological world.

At Pymble, Science between Years 7 to 10 is an integrated course, one that involves Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science. This course prepares students for more specialised offerings in Years 11 and 12. Classes follow the same program, whereby students develop scientific knowledge and skills in various contexts – allowing them to develop a deeper appreciation of Science in relation to society and technology. Variation in the choice of examples and in the methods used to achieve the aims of the program allows for variation in student ability.

Through a range of learning experiences, Science at Pymble is taught in a continually engaging manner. For example, in Middle School, students are able to enjoy activities offered by the College’s Science Club, held during lunchtime and overseen by Pymble’s Year 11 Science Captains.

Throughout the year, students enjoy a range of Science excursions, providing many opportunities to relate their classroom work to real-life examples. For instance, in Year 7 there is an annual visit to Taronga Zoo where students can expand upon their study of vertebrate and invertebrate animals and animal adaptations. In Year 8, students enjoy an excursion to either the Royal Botanical Gardens or Blue Mountains as they study adaptations of plant life or geology.

Our Senior School students also enjoy a range of excursion opportunities. Our Biology students have recently visited the Human Disease Museum at the University of New South Wales, while our Earth and Environmental Science students have enjoyed a 3-day field trip to the Bathurst/Orange area, northwest of Sydney, as they studied the evolution of Australia through fossils, as well as mining rehabilitation and other topics.

Back at the College, and serviced by dedicated laboratory staff, Pymble’s Science Centre consists of 12 well-equipped modern laboratories – one of these being a specialist geology laboratory, housing an extensive collection of geological samples and fossils.