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At Pymble, your daughter’s experience in the digital learning environment ensures she is ready to step into her future as a confident, innovative and responsible user of technology. She is prepared for the changing nature of the global landscape and the way technology enables her to shape her world.

Technology accelerates our vision for Personalised Learning. It provides challenge, insight and opportunities for growth in the Pymble Learner Dispositions. As she works with her teachers, a Pymble girl develops confidence in her ability to select and use a range of digital tools to organise and analyse information and to collaborate and connect with others. She learns how technology can deepen areas of passion and interest through effective research. Technology offers her choice in how to creatively present and showcase her learning with real audiences.

From her earliest days at the College, your daughter will have access to intentionally selected digital learning tools. Students in K-4 receive a College-provided iPad, granting them age-appropriate access to enriching digital learning opportunities. This is where she begins to develop an understanding of what it means to be a responsible and ethical digital citizen.

Year 5 marks the beginning of your daughter’s BYOT program (see below), where she takes on greater responsibility for her learning through the ownership of her own laptop. With greater independence comes more explicit instruction how to confidently manage and operate in the digital world. As she journeys through the Secondary School, she thrives in using her device for a wider variety of learning outcomes. She harnesses the power of technology to become the author and designer of meaningful learning experiences. Her teachers continue to support her appropriate engagement in her expanding digital world.

Both the curricular and co-curricular landscapes empower students with passion to develop leadership in the field of technology. In their classrooms and in co-curricular activities, students work with teachers to co-design diverse opportunities in response to the evolving interest of Pymble girls. Engaging with mentors and external experts, participating in excursions and a range of national competitions, girls can choose to focus on areas such as robotics, STEM, coding and entrepreneurism.

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Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program

As the College continues its journey Towards 2020, we acknowledge the importance of delivering personalised learning experiences for our students. A key part of this strategy will be to provide students more flexibility in both how they learn and what technology they use. With this in mind, the College implemented a well-researched and supported Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program for Years 5 to Year 12.

From Year 5, students are required to bring their own laptop as part of the College’s BYOT program. We recommend purchasing through the College as the purchase includes appropriate warranty and insurance cover, plus on-site support. However, students are able to bring a device of their choice, provided that it meets the Minimum Specifications.

The BYOT program will also provide teachers with new opportunities to design open-ended learning experiences for their students that promote choice along with creative and critical thinking. The diversity of technology available in the Pymble BYOT program will help foster a culture that respects that there are many different ways to solve problems, encouraging our students to unlock different modes and processes of learning. We believe these skills will be invaluable in their further study and working careers.

The Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Program at Pymble is based upon a comprehensive study of BYOT programs in schools internationally.

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