Film at Pymble

Film at Pymble allows our students to engage in the process of film making, both through co-curricular and curricular avenues. Starting as early as Kindergarten and continuing through to Year 12, Pymble’s students have the opportunity to create a wide range of films, including animation, documentaries and narrative tales.

With the College’s dedicated audio-visual facilities, students are able to equip themselves with the skills and experience needed for the professional film industry. Supported by our dedicated staff, our students enjoy regular mentoring from external leaders in the film industry as they work on a range of projects. Central to this is the Pymble Film Project – a student-led project in which students work in focused teams to write, direct, capture and edit their own story under the guidance of their mentors.

In co-curricular Film, student works throughout the year are showcased as part of Billboard, Pymble’s annual film festival featuring guest judging from experts within film industry – a highlight on the College calendar.

As a testament to the College’s Film program, Pymble’s students have consistently achieved success in a range of film festivals, both domestically and internationally. Our most recent success includes:

  • Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia (AGSA) Film Competition, 2014 – Natasha Ng’s short film, Paint, was the overall winner for the AGSA Film Competition 2014, focused on the theme ‘Creative Girls, Creative Women.’ Paint was also selected as one of the ten finalists for the Seen and Heard Film Festival at the Australian Centre for Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne.
  • Willoughby Film Festival, 2014 – Seetha Tan’s Wanderlust, Imogen Murray’s Raw, Annabel Hennessy’s Questions and Natasha Ng’s Paint, Pandora and Reel vs Real (a collaborative project between Pymble and Knox Grammar) were all recognised as finalists. Imogen Murray won Best Documentary overall for Raw and Seetha Tan won Best Film overall for Wanderlust.
  • Tropfest Junior, 2013 – Marnie Drake and Seetha Tan’s film, Alice, was one of the 16 finalists.
  • Sarosta International Film Festival, 2013 – Hannah Palfreyman and Stephanie Stuart’s, The Aviary, was one of the six finalists in the Sarosta Film Festival in America. It was also the recent recipient of Best Set Production at the Robin Anderson Film Festival, 2013.
  • JMC Film Academy, 2013 – Savannah Lamble’s Gloss won Best Film overall.
  • Bayside Film Festival, 2013The Aviary by Hannah Palfreyman and Stephanie Stuart, and Annabel Hennesey’s The Snow Queen were named finalists.