K-6 Centenary Musical is the pride of Pymble

Wednesday 17 August, 2016

History came to life when our Preparatory and Junior School students took to the stage for stirring matinee and evening performances of the Kindergarten – Year 6 Centenary Musical, Blackwatch Tales: 100 Years of Memories and Recollections.

The bespoke musical featured 650 students ranging in age from 5 to 12 years and was written by former Pymble Preparatory School teacher, Ms Amanda Stelcova. It was commissioned by Director of Music, Mrs Sabina Turner, who envisaged bringing together all of our Kindergarten to Year 6 students in a meaningful performance to mark the occasion of our College’s 100th birthday.

Blackwatch Tales was based on facts, stories, events, anecdotes and photographs from the College archives. Those moments in time formed the framework of the show and were linked by the central character of The Maiden on the Lion within the College crest.

“Having been on every Pymble girl’s hat, badge and blazer since the College began, The Maiden on the Lion has been the single witness to all of the past 100 years,” said Ms Stelcova. “So I decided to have her dismount the lion, step out from the Crest and come to life in all her glory to take us back in time and narrate the show.”

A joyful celebration of the life and times of Pymble, Blackwatch Tales was imbued with meaning and significance and gave our youngest students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in an event that will be recorded forever in College history. It also offered a host of new learning opportunities for students, with the whole experience having been built into the class curriculum over the past few months.

The producers are grateful for the assistance of the many parents who worked behind the scenes to create props and costumes and to assist during rehearsals and performances, and for the generosity of the Music Support Group in funding the commission.

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