Pymble Elite Sportswomen’s Program

The Pymble Elite Sportswomen’s program was established in 2007 following the success of ex-Pymble student and dual-international athlete Ellyse Perry. Recognising the need to support students who compete at elite levels to meet academic demands, the program aims to identify, nurture, recognise and support Pymble students who have unique sporting talents as part of the philosophy of a “personalised education”.

Students within the program find support through a range of channels, be it the Athlete Mentoring program where they have access to a network of older elite sportswomen, or through specialist sessions with sports nutritionists, sports psychologists or specialist field testing. All athletes are musculoskeletally screened prior to entry into the program by qualified physiotherapists. This information is then used to design a personalised strength and conditioning program with a focus on injury prevention and management.

A number of athletes who have been members of the Pymble Elite Sportswomen’s program have gone on to represent at an international level including Ellyse Perry (Cricket and Football), Rachael Soutar (Football) and World Youth Javelin Champion Mackenzie Little. Other past members of the program have used their sporting talents to gain admission into US Colleges including Alexandra Savage (Dartmouth Field Hockey), Ellen Dobrijevic (Princeton Field Hockey) and Eliza Flint (Harvard Rowing).

Our girls are consistently assisted with maintaining a schedule that balances training sessions, competitions, specialist programs and academic studies.