Classical Languages

At Pymble, students are offered the rare opportunity to study the world’s classical languages. Whether it’s Classical Greek or Latin, or perhaps both – students will gain a greater insight into the origins of the English language, Western Culture and modern day institutions.

In learning a Classical language, students will develop skills in analytical thinking, attention to detail, systematic memorisation and clarity of expression – skills that can be applied in many different fields. Best of all, students will eventually read, in their original languages, some of the finest and most influential literature ever composed. Great thinkers like Plato and Cicero, gripping dramatists like Sophocles and Aristophanes, tender poets like Ovid and Catullus, historians like Herodotus and Livy, and the timeless epic story tellers Homer and Virgil are all within the reach of a Greek or Latin student by the end of secondary school.

A guided tour of the highlights of the classical world in Greece and Italy is offered to students every three years.