Bequests to Pymble

Pymble Ladies' College Jacaranda Tree

A bequest to Pymble Ladies’ College is an enduring gift that makes a difference beyond your lifetime but is recognised by the College within your lifetime.

As we celebrate our Centenary, Pymble proudly looks back on the growth and development of the College. For almost 100 years, the College has been situated on the same site in the suburb of Pymble. Thanks to the vision of Dr John Marden, the founding principal, Pymble has grown and flourished to become an outstanding school for girls who go on to be global citizens taking their place in a very different world from that of 1916. A combination of sound vision from the Principals, past and present, a clear set of values and an ethos that centres on providing the best possible education for girls has developed Pymble Ladies’ College into one of the leading girls’ schools in Australia.

Generations of girls have passed through Pymble and have benefitted from a Pymble education. We have seen girls working in all sectors of the business and community, both overseas and here at home. Girls continue their connection with the College many years after they have left and it is always a joy to see them in the College. We always welcome our ex-students and others in the Pymble community back to the College.

To continue to provide the best possible education, we must continue to invest in the future. Our commitment is always to continue our traditions and achievements and to help those who come after us as we have been helped by those who came before.

The Bequest Program has been established to provide a way to enable philanthropic legacies to be gifted to the College. Bequests provide funds for Pymble to invest in buildings, scholarships and a growing endowment fund to safeguard the future of the College.

It goes without saying that every girl who comes to Pymble has benefitted from the philanthropic actions of those before her. Legacies left by members of the Pymble community have been key in developing teaching and learning facilities, as well as providing funds for future projects to enable Pymble to continue to deliver an outstanding education for girls.

There are many ex-students who have made generous bequests to the College and we thank all those who have shown a love and a willingness to invest in the future of the College. We recognise the affection and appreciation for what Pymble has brought to the bequestor.

If you would like to find out more or have a confidential discussion about bequests, please contact Community Engagement at