Centenary Sports Precinct FAQ

Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct


When will construction commence and how long will it take to build?

Building commenced in early June 2014 with the Centenary Sports Precinct due to open early 2016 as part of Pymble’s centenary celebrations.

Financial implications

How will the project be funded and will school tuition fees increase to assist over the cost?

The Centenary Sports Precinct will be funded through existing College funds, loan facilities and fundraising from our community. Tuition fees will not be directly affected by the cost of the Centenary Precinct.

Will fees increase for learn to swim lessons?

There are no planned increase to fees for the learn to swim program attributable to the cost of building the Centenary Sports Precinct. When the new facility opens, fees will be determined based on market value.

What will the Centenary Sports Precinct development cost?

The project is estimated to cost $34 million. This is by far the largest capital works project the College has embarked on.

How can I support the Centenary Sports Precinct Campaign?

Philanthropy is a personal journey. Your support of the Centenary Precinct Campaign represents not only confidence in the work of the College, but a belief in a collective future for our girls and ex-students. Whether your support is through purchasing an inscribed brick in the Centenary Walkway, a gift or pledge, or funding a specific item within the facilities, every gift will be greatly appreciated and warmly received. Gifts of $2.00 and above are tax deductible.

Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct

Impact on Sport and Activities

What will happen to curricular and co-curricular activities during construction?

The College will continue to offer a comprehensive range of sporting programs which cater for all ability levels in a safe and supportive environment. During the construction phase, some of these programs will be affected and alternative venues have been arranged with transport plans established. The Sports and Activities Department have formed contingency plans to reduce the level of disruption however students, parents, staff and supporters will need to be patient and flexible during this phase as interruptions are inevitable.

Swimming – Co-curricular

The Swimming Program will continue to run from a variety of external aquatic centres including Knox Grammar School, Ravenswood, Loreto Normanhurst and West Pymble Pool. The Winter Program will predominately run from the Knox pool as it has done over previous seasons. During Term 4 2014, Term 1 2015 and Term 4 2015, a wider variety of pool space will be hired to cope with the increased demand during the summer season. College buses, driven by swimming coaches, will transport the swimmers to the external training sessions where possible. Students will be asked to sign-up for their swimming classes online so the transport of students can be catered for.

Swimming – Curricular

Students in the Preparatory and Junior Schools will travel by coach to local pools to complete their curricular swimming programs.


The Diving Program will continue to use a combination of facilities. The Sydney Olympic Park and Aquatic Centre will be used for the water sessions whilst the Pymble Dryland Centre will be utilised for strength, technique and dryland diving. College buses, driven by diving coaches, will transport the divers to the external training sessions where possible.


The Hockey Program will continue to use various internal and external venues such as Lianne Tooth Field, Kelso Field and the Main Oval.


The winter co-curricular program will continue to run from courts at the College. The Term 4 Hornsby Ku-ring-gai District Tennis Association competition and the co-curricular tennis program will utilise the College courts with some training sessions held offsite at local courts for senior tennis players. College buses, driven by tennis coaches, will transport the tennis players to the external training sessions where possible.

Water Polo

The College will continue to compete in local association competitions as well as the IGSSA competition and will source pool space for training sessions where possible.


Any water based activity including lifesaving will be run offsite at local pools. Coach transport will be organised for these excursions.

Will the cost for alternate venues including transportation of students to these venues be on-charged to parents?

The College has factored these costs in to the overall project budget and there are no plans to pass on these expenses.

What will happen to the learn to swim program?

The beginner levels of the current learn to swim program will be outsourced during the construction phase. Once the swimmer reaches a squad level, they will be catered for through the Pymble program at an external venue. We recommend Knox learn to swim program as many of our staff also work at this centre.

What about girls who return to after school care after swimming?

Squad swimmers will be escorted from the buses by a Swim Coach to their after school care following external training sessions.

Will swimming still be available the same number of days?

The process will remain the same – the term’s sessions will be released in the previous term and students will be asked to register online with their choice of training days. Where possible, the training schedule will remain the same.

Will we have the same swimming squad coaches?

The Pymble Swimming coaching staff will continue to run the squad program.

How will other sports be affected during construction of the Centenary Sports Precinct?

Programs run on Mollie Dive Field will be impacted during the redevelopment. All other programs should continue as usual.

Are we meant to arrange our own logistics for getting girls to the new, temporary facilities?

The College has purchased another two buses to assist in the movement of students to and from alternate venues and these will be driven, in most cases, by sports coaches who have the appropriate drivers licence. We will also hire additional bus services asand when required.

Will the tennis courts be available during construction?

All hard-surface tennis courts will continue to be available and used during construction. Access will be through the Jeanette Buckham PE Centre or the path behind the gymnasium on the Pymble Avenue side.

How will construction affect the use of the gym?

Programs will continue to operate in the gym with little to no interruption to existing programs.

Will the proposed development affect the school holiday program?

Alternate activities will be identified to provide a comprehensive program.

Will the sports canteen still be operational?

The sports canteen will continue to operate as normal.

Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct


Can you advise parents about Working With Children Checks (WWCC) for construction workers?

It will be the requirement of the appointed builder to ensure all contractors have an applicable and current Working With Children Check prior to entering the construction site.

How has the College incorporated sustainability in to the design?

Sustainability is a focus we pursue with rigorous and disciplined intent. High-level sustainable management practice and infrastructure has been embedded in the development of the Centenary Precinct, in alignment with our Towards 2020 strategic vision, including:

  • Heat recovery systems reduce air conditioning loads by pre-heating the outside air introduced to the facility with the exhaust air
  • Jet fans provide assisted natural ventilation to the car park, operated to maintain air quality, resulting in reduced operating energy
  • A combined heating systems for the pool and domestic hot water systems results in reduced equipment and increased efficiency
  • High efficiency electric heat pumps for heating of the pool hall air reduce overall energy requirements
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels provide electricity to the precinct, offsetting energy used by lighting, pool filtration equipment and pool air heating systems.
  • High performance double glazing helps to reduce air conditioning loads
  • Pool covers reduce heating costs and minimises evaporation reducing replacement water costs
Why not replace like-for-like or fix the existing pool?

Following independent assessments the existing infrastructure was determined to be beyond repair. A comprehensive needs analysis program was undertaken in alignment with the College mission, vision and values. The College Council determined a new and expanded aquatic and fitness centre be built to ensure that the long term needs of the College are met.

Will there be an impact on local residents? (i.e. noise)

Construction will be undertaken in accordance with the Development Applications and consideration of the impact of noise to residents will form part of the builders’ construction management plan. Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct

Will exams be affected by construction?

We do not envisage any disruption to students sitting exams in buildings located within the vicinity of the construction site.

What plans are in place to manage noise during school hours?

Construction will be undertaken in accordance with the conditions of the approved Development Applications and consideration of the impact of noise to students, staff and visitors will be managed through the builders construction management plan and active management by the College.

Who/how will construction traffic (i.e. trucks) be managed?

All construction vehicles will enter via Gate 3 (near the Senior School Centre – Kate Mason Building) under the supervision of the builder and proceed directly to the construction site. The College has requested the minimisation of construction deliveries and movement of construction plant to and from the College between 7.30am and 8.30am and 2.45pm and 3.45pm.

How will dust associated with the construction be minimised?

The appointed builder is required to provide and implement a Construction Environmental Management Plan which includes the management of dust to protect students, staff, visitors, the surrounding buildings and neighbourhood.

Will the entire construction area be fenced off?

The boundary of the entire construction compound has been securely fenced.

Pool Specifications

Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct

Who was consulted in the pool design process?

As part of the needs analysis and design process a number of internal and external stakeholders, as well as industry experts have been consulted. This consultation included research of similar facilities both within Australia and abroad and within schools and external commercial operators.

What will the Aquatic and Fitness Centre look like and where can I view the plans?

Concept images, plans and a 3D virtual fly-through are available on the Centenary Precinct page of the College website. There is also a display in the Heritage Centre which is located under the College War Memorial Chapel.

Will the new facility have adequate storage?

There has been a strong focus in the design of the Centenary Sports Precinct to incorporate significant and appropriate storage located in the main pool hall, learn to swim facility and fitness centre.

Why indoor pools instead of outdoor?

One of the key objectives of the Centenary Sports Precinct is to increase access to the water spaces and allow year round use. This is best achieved by ensuring the pool halls are enclosed and appropriately air conditioned.

Will the pool be available for commercial use?

The new Aquatic and Fitness Centre will continue to be a community facility. The primary users of the facility will be students through curricular and co-curricular programs. Commercial opportunities will be reviewed on a case by case basis in alignment with the College mission, vision and values.

Parking and Traffic

Will parking on campus and around Avon Road be affected by construction?

At this stage the College estimates that only eight existing car spaces will be unavailable during construction. The developers will contain the works of the project, including parking of construction worker vehicles, to within the Centenary Precinct compound.

Will construction affect traffic on and around campus?

Entry to the construction site will be through Gate 3 and all associated vehicle and truck movements will enter and exit at this point.

What will the drop-off and pick-up arrangements for each School be during construction?

There are no changes to drop-off and pick-up protocols at the front of the College through the Main Gate (Gate 1). There will, however, be restricted access for student drop-off and/or pick-up at the back gate (Gate 3) and we encourage parents to avoid doing so where possible. During the construction period, we would encourage students to come to school by public transport or car pool thereby minimising the number of vehicles on campus.

What will the arrangements for pick up/drop off be once the new car park is completed?

The new car park will include a dedicated drop-off and pick-up zone for the Junior School. Secondary School drop off will continue to be in front of Flagpole Lawn and Preparatory School will remain on the lower road. Pymble Ladies' College Centenary Precinct